Schroeder Truck Repair, Inc. is unique in the city of Denver, because of our inventory of spare parts. This general parts/fully stocked parts department is one of the most reliable stores in the city. We don’t just have the widest range of spare truck parts, we are also one of the most diverse. We don’t specialize for any single make or model, which allows us to serve your needs regardless of the kind of truck that you have.

We go out of our way to ensure that our stores are always stocked with the items that our customers need the most, because like many other drivers, we’re also allergic to waiting lists. What’s the use of having a local spare parts store if you have to wait for them to arrive from Detroit anyway, right? Our team pulls out all the stops to make the process of replacement and repair as convenient for you as possible.

The general parts/fully stocked parts department is a special part of Schroeder Truck Repair, Inc. and gets its own dedicated team. This particular division concentrates on servicing customers that exclusively need parts for their trucks. But, we still maintain constant communication with the repair team, so that customers can get back on the road with the quality parts they need.

Our departments all depend on each other to do their jobs well, which is good news for you, since you get the best services that anyone in the city has to offer – all the time, every time.

For parts please contact:

Griffin Bruxvoort
Kristen Lund
(Office) 303.227.1057