The Schroeder Truck Repair, Inc. team has the knowledge and ability to perform DOT inspections for drivers. Doing this procedure is actually as simple as going through a checklist of various areas in the truck. If all the points of concern pass, then the vehicle is deemed roadworthy. This is a quick step-by-step procedure that can save our customers hours waiting at The Department of Transportation.

We can help by going through the vehicle, go through the checklist ourselves, and see if the truck has what it takes to pass an official inspection. Every member of our team has extensive knowledge, and we know what DOT requirements are and what we are looking for. We’re offer the quickest and most accurate way to pass through even the strictest DOT inspections with flying colors and never have to dread the process again.

Every vehicle needs a DOT inspection and if you’re unsure of what you need in terms of meeting the criteria of these inspections, bring your vehicle down to our shop. We’ll give it a thorough inspection, and let you know about the points that need the most attention. You can count on us to be your partner in this endeavor, and never get stuck in the red tape again.