Not every vehicle issue is immediately obvious to the naked eye. Sometimes it’ll take the eye of a person that’s been around cars and trucks all their life to notice that there’s something wrong. Two of the most common examples of these issues are the ones regarding hydraulic hoses and fittings. The biggest problem drivers have with such a situation is that they have little chance to correct the failure before it becomes too serious to handle on their own.

This is exactly why our team here at Schroeder Truck Repair, Inc. encourages all our customers, both old and new, to put their trucks through a comprehensive inspection whenever they come in. This procedure allows us to make sure that everything is performing the way they’re supposed to. It also allows us to detect any potential points of concern before they become bigger problems.

Safety is always the first priority on the road, and as a trusted Denver repair shop, we recognize our role in promoting this attitude in drivers. Every member of our team of course, embraces this role enthusiastically, and does everything they can to make drivers confident in the performance of their trucks on the road.

Not all vehicles are created equal and the hydraulic hose and fitting plan on one truck may not necessarily be the same for another. Fortunately, we have the training to adapt to virtually every make and model out there. Our customers can rest easy that we can work on their vehicle no matter what it is.