Car Hauler Truck & Trailer Repair Service

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Car Hauler Truck Repair

Car hauler trucks have all the same maintenance needs as a typical heavy hauler with the added complexity of loading ramps and hydraulic setups. At Schroeder Truck Repair, we have the tools, equipment, and expertise to maintain and repair every system within your car hauler truck. From after-treatment service to hydraulic piston repair, Schroeder’s got you covered.

Engine Maintenance and Repairs

Your car hauler’s diesel engine requires routine maintenance if it’s to stay fully operational long-term. Maintenance items include regular oil and filter changes, coolant system flushes, fuel filter changes, and routine ignition system testing. At Schroeder Truck Repair, we offer a vast array of preventive maintenance services designed specifically for large diesel engines.

General Mechanics

General mechanics is one of the most technical fields that you can imagine just because of its scope, and the number of things that can fall under this category. There are even times when customers aren’t exactly sure of what they’re looking for.

If you find yourself halfway through a project and have no idea what to do next, then you’re in luck. The team at Schroeder Truck Repair is a team that you can trust to point you in the right direction whenever you run into a wall. We give you the advice you need to get over the hump with your project, and we’ll even offer a helping hand if you’re willing.

Our team is made up of people coming from diverse engineering fields, which gives us the experience and knowledge we need to tackle virtually any question that may come our way. Rest assured that we’ll use our knowledge and expertise in general mechanics to give you the most efficient and effective solution available. We’re not looking to make a sale, we genuinely want to help.

We’ll need your help to be able to accomplish that, though. We’ll need all the information you can give us regarding your project, including your ultimate objective. If you choose to work with us on this project, you can be sure that we’ll work closely with you to ensure that everything we do is in line with your vision, and properly bring it to life. Just give us a call, and we can get started whenever you’re ready.

Hydraulic Piston, Hoses & Fitting

Car haulers use a large assortment of hydraulic setups to support and facilitate the weight of each car that’s loaded. Although hydraulic pistons are generally very durable, they may still require maintenance every once in a while. From leaking hydraulic hoses to contaminated hydraulic fluid, Schroeder Truck Repair does it all. We’ll fix your hydraulic controllers, replace damaged pistons, and patch hydraulic hoses.

Not every vehicle issue is immediately obvious to the naked eye. Sometimes it’ll take the eye of a person who’s been around cars and trucks all their life to notice that there’s something wrong. Two of the most common examples of these issues are the ones regarding hydraulic hoses and fittings. The biggest problem drivers have with such a situation is that they have little chance to correct the failure before it becomes too serious to handle on their own.

This is exactly why our team here at Schroeder Truck Repair, Inc. encourages all our customers, both old and new, to put their trucks through a comprehensive inspection whenever they come in. This procedure allows us to make sure that everything is performing the way they’re supposed to. It also allows us to detect any potential points of concern before they become bigger problems.

Safety is always the priority on the road, and as a trusted Denver repair shop, we recognize our role in promoting this attitude in drivers. Every member of our team, of course, embraces this role enthusiastically and does everything they can to make drivers confident in the performance of their trucks on the road.

Not all vehicles are created equal and the hydraulic hose and fitting plan on one truck may not necessarily be the same for another. Fortunately, we have the training to adapt to virtually every make and model out there. Our customers can rest easy that we can work on their vehicle no matter what it is.

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Car Hauler Trailer Repair

Car hauler trailers have their hydraulic setups, as well as other critical systems that must be maintained and repaired. From trailer brakes to air suspension setups, we here at Schroeder Truck Repair have the tools and equipment required to keep your car hauler trailers in pristine condition.

Car Hauler Trailer Brakes

The brakes on your car hauler trailer work in conjunction with your trailer brakes. At Schroeder Truck Repair, we have a wide array of services designed to keep your trailer’s brakes in peak operating condition. We’ll change your brake pads, adjust your slack adjusters, replace damaged airlines, and repair overheating drum assemblies.

Car Hauler Trailer Hydraulics

Car hauler trucks have a wide array of hydraulic setups designed to facilitate the movement of cars during the loading process. Although these systems are very durable, they’re not immune to the hazards of wear and tear. Fortunately, Schroeder Truck Repair offers a wide set of hydraulic repair services designed to tackle even the most complex issues. From hydraulic fluid contamination to complete hydraulic failure, Schroeder Truck Repair has your back.

Car Hauler Trailer Suspension

Car hauler trailers haul a lot of weight and, as such, need a strong air suspension setup to keep said weight adequately supported. At Schroeder Truck Repair, we’ll repair and maintain your airbags, repair damaged compressors, replace damaged airlines, and even fix leaking shock absorbers. Common symptoms of a car hauler trailer suspension that needs service include a rough ride, premature bushing wear, sagging to one side, squatting to the rear, and a lack of rebound control.

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