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A heavy-duty truck’s brake system is complex and must be maintained on a regular basis. From replacing your brake pads to adjusting your slack adjusters, you can count on Schroeder Truck Repair to have your back. Our services will ensure your truck is compliant with DOT rules and regulations, is braking properly and reliably, and is ultimately safe for you to operate. After all, brakes are perhaps the most important system in your heavy-duty truck, or in any vehicle on the road for that matter. Below you’ll find some more information about our brake services here at Schroeder Truck Repair.

How Often Should I Maintain My Brakes? 

How often you should maintain your brake system generally depends on how much you use your truck, and what you use it for. Unlike automobiles, heavy-duty trucks don’t have noise indicators on their brake pads. This means a mechanic must manually inspect the lifespan of each brake pad. We highly recommend getting your brake pads inspected every time you enter our shop for maintaining your brake system is a matter of unparalleled importance. Aside from routine maintenance, we highly recommend getting your brakes maintained or repaired if you notice any of the following symptoms.

Poor Braking Performance

The most common indicator of brake wear is poor braking performance. This can be for a variety of reasons. First of all, pads that are significantly worn down may not provide reliable braking power. This is an easy fix, as replacing the pads is commonplace at every repair shop in the industry. Secondly, poor braking performance may also indicate an issue with your slack adjusters, especially if your brake pads are in good shape. For those unaware, slack adjusters are designed to take up slack as your pad wears down. If it’s loose or not adjusted properly, your pushrod may have to travel significantly farther than it normally would, hence the poor performance. Last but certainly not least, poor brake performance may also indicate a problem with your air system, so be sure to get your truck checked out right away.

Truck Pulling to One Side

A truck that pulls to one side when braking, or even while driving, is one that likely has a brake issue. Slight pulling to one side may indicate misalignment, but anything more severe is likely brake related. If one of your brakes seizes up, meaning your brake pads are in constant contact with your brake drum despite having no pressure on your brake pedal, there will be significant friction created on one side. This uneven amount of friction pulls the truck to the side. We highly recommend coming in for service if you notice this symptom right away.

For Truck Brake Repairs in Denver, CO, Schroeder Truck Repair Has You Covered

Drivers from all over Denver, Colorado rely on Schroeder Truck Repair as their full-service heavy-duty repair shop located in Henderson, Colorado. Our expert team combines old-school knowledge and experience with the latest technology and industry-leading equipment to ensure that our recommendations target the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. This two-pronged approach allows us to show customers the reasons behind the repairs we suggest. We’ll explain every aspect of the repair to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle, so there are never any surprises. With our quality workmanship at Schroeder Truck Repair, once we fix something, you can trust that it will stay fixed. That’s our Guarantee to you!

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