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Truck Supplies No Truck Driver Should Be Without

Truck driver accessories are vital when it comes to making the truck’s cab feel like your own and making your trip as secure and comfortable as possible. Having the correct supplies and accessories may also improve your overall comfort while on the road, so carry your favorite truck driver accessories with you! We put up a checklist of some of our favorite big rig truck accessories that we believe you would appreciate, ranging from giant truck interior electrical equipment like TVs to minor must-have truck accessories like an electric blanket.

‍Before you begin your haul, it is critical that you first take care of yourself. If you have the following must-have truck driver supplies and accessories, you will be more prepared, comfortable, and attentive on the road. 


Shield your eyes from glare and harmful UV radiation with sunglasses. To avoid weariness, eye strain, and headaches when driving, use sunglasses with polarized lenses. It’s always a good idea to have an additional pair on hand just in case!


You’ll be clutching the steering wheel for the day, so make sure your hands are comfy. Many drivers opt for leather driving gloves because of the material’s durability and comfort.  Leather also protects your hands from wounds and helps to keep them clean.


Keeping with the leather concept, a leather toiletry bag will secure your personal items and prevent them from fumbling about in the cab. Fill it with all of your essentials, as well as some first-aid supplies!


Let’s face it, you’re on the road long enough, why not convert your heavy-duty truck cab into a relaxing retreat? Taking a break and resting with the comforts you’d find at home can significantly improve your sleeping environment.


It’s crucial to keep oneself entertained and watch anything other than the road while doing so is safe. You deserve it! Invest in your new favorite big rig truck accessories, a TV for your truck. Get out of your brain and lose yourself in your favorite television or movie. If you want more entertainment alternatives, you may invest in an over-the-air digital television antenna and even a video game system.

Electric blanket

Another must-have large rig truck equipment is an electric blanket. On the road, nights can quickly get cold. Warm up and relax with an electric blanket.

Seat cushion

Choosing the right seat cushion can not only make sitting more pleasant, but it may even save your back! Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger. 

Cell phone mount

If you use your phone as a navigation device, a cell phone mount will allow you to make hands-free calls and view instructions more easily and safely. The most convenient and dependable way to utilize one while driving is to get one that can be securely mounted to the windshield. You’ll be safer and more focused on the road if you keep your phone in your sight.

USB charger with 12-volt outlet

With a convenient USB port, you can keep all of your truck driver electronics charged for the duration of your journey. The 12-volt chargers usually include a fuse, so you won’t have to worry about blowing a fuse in the truck when charging

Small appliances 

During extended hauls, truck appliances are often overlooked. This food-related equipment can help you stay healthy while making your meals more accessible and manageable. The days of nightly gas station chow are long gone!

Final words

These are the must-have accessories that all truck drivers should have. If you are a truck driver, ensure that you are equipped with these to get your work done with the comfort you deserve. 

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